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      Dear Members ,

      On behalf of the Board of Directors of your Company i.e.Barque., it is my privilege to welcome you all to the Annual General Meeting. The year has gone with challenges in many ways. It was a year in which the overall business environment was substantially silenced. Markets faced the twin challenges of stunted growth and squeezed margins. Our Company routed such business challenges through the course of the year, while simultaneously preparing for a new future.

      The logistics and waehosuing industry will be a direct beneficiary to upcoming developments. Interstate movement of goods will become easier with reduced procedures and restrictions at state borders. All this will mean tremendous business opportunity for established end-to-end logistics players. In light of all of these developments, and commitments, the year ahead is expected to be the start of an extended period of sustainable growth in the Indian industry.

      All of us are able to notice and experience the massive transformation that is happening in today’s society. Technology and social media have caused an unbelievable change in the behavior and expectations of customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Barque needs to keep leap and walk in tune with such changes happening around us. Only then will our company step ahead of the competition and maintain its prominent position as surface logistics and warehousing service provider.

      In the emerging market context, surface logistics and warehousing business is no more restricted to being a provider of distribution service but has expanded in scope to become an effective business partner to the customers. Recognizing this change, Barque is continuously evolving its approach by placing customer satisfaction at the very center of the business decision-making process.

      Our Directors are very confident that fast marched progress will help accelerate your company’s growth towards achieving our customers’ satisfaction, and to our shareholders’ delight.

      As I conclude, may I, on behalf of the Board and employees of our Company thank you, and also thank our customers, vendor partners, investors, government and bankers for their continued support and encouragement.

      Thank You
      Best Wishes…